NEW at Bridge City Steel

We have just installed a new 6000 watt Amada laser.  This Amada is equipped with the newest in laser technology. The new machine will allow is to cut bigger plates – 86 x 165,   thicker plates – up to 1-1/4″thick mild steel, 3/4″ stainless and 5/8″ aluminum.  Our new Amada features water assisted cutting.  This feature allows us to cut small holes, and detailed contours that most lasers could not even attempt. In addition to the water assisted cut feature, our machine has the ” silky cut” capability. The other laser manufacturers are all scratching their heads – how can the Amada cut thick stainless with such a beautiful edge ?  Answer – Silky cut.  Available only on the Amada laser. Ask your sales person for a sample or a quote today.


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